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Dog Leads – only the best for my girls!

Fully purpled up!

dog leadsI absolutely LOVE these leads!  I bought my first collars and leads from Dogs & Horses four years ago, on my first visit to Crufts.  They were exactly what I wanted, beautifully made, rolled leather, in different colours for my different girls.

I started with three collars and leads in purple, red and pink.  I decided to go for green for Busy, before I realised she had one piercing blue eye – had to go for pale blue then!

When I had Ounce, I decided to go for lilac as her ‘colour’.  Surprisingly, this has proved difficult, but Dogs & Horses were able to produce a beautiful grey collar and lead for her.

Then I discovered that they were doing these split leads.  A perfect solution for my pack, and all in purple.  So on my visit to Crufts this week I decided to go for it.

They are a British company, offering great service and top quality products.  Thank you, Dogs & Horses


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