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Great bedding for your dogs

Vet bedding
Fantastic products

Today I am quite simply bigging up the Vet Bedding Man, aka Bob’s Emporium, because I love their products!  I have previously bought some of the large pieces of rubber backed vet bed in a couple of different designs.  I’ve had it a couple of years now and it wears really well.  It’s nice and thick and completely non-slip.  I’ve just treated myself to more, to go with my kitchen decor. And I have purple on the way for the van – hurray!

Comfortable and smart

As you can see, they sell a wide range of dog products at reasonable prices.

As smart as a rug, but much more practical

In my view, it’s hard to have too much vet bed, as it is so versatile and easy to manage.  It absorbs moisture and dirt and yet is comfortable and warm for the dogs.  It is incredibly easy to wash and generally hard wearing.  I have had some of it for years!  Which is a bit annoying if you are trying to justify getting more…

Now followers of Dentbros Dogs and puppy owners can order products from Bob’s Emporium and get a special Dentbros discount! 15% off with the code DENTBROS15 entered at the checkout. Hurray!


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