Healthy Dog Treats – Good food for our dogs!

What are the best healthy treats to give your dog?

Following on from my post about Ounce’s prettiest eyes the other day, I thought I would just do a promotion for a lovely person I met at the Parks Trust event, the Big Doggie Do – Michelle from Woofs Treats.


Michelle is clearly very knowledgeable about dogs and has worked hard to develop a great range of treats.  I was particularly impressed that she has researched and produced treats that are suitable for dogs on special diets, because I know how hard it can be to find something suitable for some dogs.

treatsOh and did I mention there are CAKES FOR DOGS!

Other Treats

Top treats can include:

  • cheese – mild cheddar is not too crumbly, nice and cheap.  Cut into small cubes
  • squirty cheese – lots of people buy tubes of cheese, which the dog can lick.  It’s a bit disgusting but dogs love it and it takes them longer to get a small amount
  • sausage – ordinary cooked sausage, cut small
  • frankfurters – I slice up quite finely and then cook in the oven for a while. This dries them out so them are easier to handle and last longer
  • liver cake – if you must.  I never do, but people swear by it: liver cake recipe

For now, I am going to keep buying these Wagg training treats I find them so easy to carry and use and the dogs still really love them.  I take them into school for the children to give to Busy when we are doing our voluntary work for Canine Concern.

However, if I am looking for something different, I will definitely visit this local company  for something homemade and healthy!


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