Prettiest Eyes – First place to the puppy!

Companion Show Class – Prettiest Eyes!

Ounce had a new adventure over the weekend, visiting the Parks Trust event, the Big Doggie Do!  It ran on Saturday and Sunday over the weekend and was a fun event for anyone who loves dogs.  It gave me a chance to show off my puppy’s eyes.

The Parks Trust is a great organisation which runs all the parks and redways across Milton Keynes.  They are financed through their land management and really do a great job in enhancing the city as a great place to live.

Canine ConcernI had intended to go with a stand to raise money and awareness for Pets as Therapy, but cancelled this, along with my membership of that charity.  The work they do is fantastic and the volunteers and their dogs are brilliant, but sadly the charity is run somewhat inefficiently for its size.  I have therefore moved to a smaller, friendlier and more efficient charity – Canine Concern

Unfortunately there are not currently enough volunteers with this charity to support a stand at an event like this – maybe next year?  Please do CONTACT ME if you are interested in the charity and would like to join?  If you go to Busy’s page you will find out about the work we do in schools.  

Companion Show

What is a Companion Show?  Basically it is an informal, casual event, which is not affiliated to the Kennel Club or another organisation.  It usually consists of classes such as:

  • Prettiest Bitch
  • Most Handsome Dog
  • Best Youngster (6 months – 2 years)
  • Best Trick
  • Waggiest Tail
  • Best Rescue
  • Best Crossbreed
  • Dog most like its owner
  • Dog the Judge would most like to take home

You can see from this that the classes are aimed at family pets, with most classes not suitable for show dogs.  I therefore decided it would be fun to enter Ounce in a few of the classes.

puppy eyesThe judge decided to ask for two volunteer judges to assist her with each class; children aged 5-10.  I thought this was a lovely idea, as again it is a way of ensuring that no-one takes it too seriously.

Our first classes

Sadly, I am pretty competitive, so was disappointed not to win either Prettiest bitch or best puppy.  Hmph.  However, when it came to ‘prettiest eyes’ I felt we had a good chance.  Yes, reader, we won it!  My beautiful, blue-eyed girl.

As it was a hot sunny day, there was a good turnout to the event.  I was amazed at how many different types and breeds of dog there were there. 

Once again supporting the view that “it’s a good job we’re not all the same or we’d all want to marry the same man (and it wouldn’t be you Charlie!)”  Or as my friend Kate says “Not everyone likes Border Collies you know!”  

I do know that and am glad of it.  We saw big dogs, little dogs, hairy dogs and not so hairy.  We saw puppies and old dogs.  I was pleased to see many pedigree dogs and not too many ‘designer breeds’.  I was disappointed to see the dogs with wrinkly skin and the brachycephalics (bulldogs and pugs for example) are obviously very popular, sadly.

eyesFun Activities

There were other activities for the dogs to do, too.  A big pool for them to jump into and fetch a tennis ball.  We didn’t do that, Ounce doesn’t know she can swim (my girls are not really water dogs).  There was a ‘fun agility’ area with some very frail bits of equipment.  We didn’t do that either, as we know what proper (safe) agility equipment looks like.

We did have a go at Temptation Alley and I’m proud to say that Ounce waited on her own at one end and then ran straight to me without even realising their was a trail of toys and treats on the ground!

Another great dog charity

Best behaviour

The highlight of the day for me (apart from winning the class of course!) was being out with the puppy and seeing how well behaved she is now.  Ounce is friendly towards both dogs and people, but respectful of dogs.  She chatted to a puppy or two but quickly backed off if someone was grumpy.  Ounce was really happy to chat to people, especially children, but didn’t jump or lick anyone (except Kate).  She settled down while we were helping on Kate’s stand and coped when I left her to go to the toilet.

I also loved seeing all the other dogs and meeting people with their dogs.  I was able to demonstrate my expert dog knowledge too.  It seems I can tell how old a puppy is just by looking at it (not a collie I should add).  And I now recognise many breeds and know lots about them.

Many thanks to MK Veterinary Group for our prize – Ounce absolutely loves her bee toy.   Please have a look at Kate’s beautiful pictures if you want something to go on your wall.

prettiest eyes
Of course she shut her eyes for the photo!

Ask for help?

You are very welcome to contact me to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my new service.


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