Ounce at the seaside!

A seaside outing – the puppy and me!

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seasideYesterday I took Ounce on a day trip to the seaside, to visit my sister and her family.  We had a wonderful time, including going onto a beach for the first time ever!  As you may know, Brighton has mainly pebbly beaches, but that didn’t bother Ounce.  In fact she thought it was a great game to play fetch the pebble!

seasideFunny puppy.  She also loved playing with my niece, fetching stones for her to throw.  Ounce certainly did not like the sea though – much too noisy and scary!

seasideEating out

We went to a restaurant, where Ounce was made very welcome.  They made a great fuss of her and gave her some water.  I was really pleased with how well she settled down while we had our leisurely lunch.  I must admit that until fairly recently I didn’t really think you could take dogs into restaurants, only pubs.  Now I do it all the time! Thank you, Pizza Express for your hospitality.

seasideThen it was back to my sister’s house, where again Ounce made herself at home.

Finally we were back in the car, for the long haul home, round the motorways – joy.  She settled down, perfectly happy in the car.

seasideNew seaside experiences

Overall, I am delighted with how well she coped; new place, seaside, restaurant, seeing lots of noise and bustle, travelling in the car and spending another day on her own.

I recently talked about routine for dogs being the key to a happy, well-adjusted dog.  However, I was thinking about the survey results and the fact that people take their dogs to training every week.  Training is about providing new, stimulating experiences for your dog and I believe this is just as valuable for them as it is for us.

seasideAsk for help?

You are very welcome to contact me to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my new service.


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