vacuum dog hair

Vacuum Cleaners

Only the best vacuum for my dogs.

When you have 5 hairy Border Collies AND a fluffy cat, you do need something that can cope!  Over the years I have had a variety of Dyson vacuum cleaners, but have finally decided they are too heavy and noisy, sorry Mr Dyson.

Introducing the SHARK!

I’ve just got this one, following the recommendations of many, many BC owners on the Facebook Agilitynet group.

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Lift-away and anti-wrap

I really LOVE this new vacuum cleaner! I’m very happy to be back with an upright, which I can carry up and down stairs with one hand. There are many features I am really enjoying:

  • easy to carry up and down stairs
  • efficient suction
  • anti-wrap actually works! Stops the hair getting wrapped round the head – it’s like magic
  • light on the front of the head
  • button on the handle to change from hard floor to carpet – I use this all the time
  • lift away has a funky feature to detach the body of the vacuum from the handle and head, making it like a carpet sweeper, light and easy to use on the stairs
  • hose comes out really easily to get under things and into corners.

No negative feature so far. Well it’s a vacuum cleaner which is still quite hard work.

Price:       £196.90  from Amazon Prime  BUY NOW!

Cylinder options

I previously had this one:

vacuum dog hair

It’s the Miele Blizzard Powerline Vacuum Cleaner – specifically the CX1 Cat and Dog.

Positive features:

  • light
  • bagless
  • head swivels and is easy to manoeuvre
  • great suction
  • brush head works well on carpet
  • non-brush head works well on hard floors
  • Cord rewinds at the touch of a button

Negative features

  • hard to carry
  • a pain to change the head for carpet, meaning I scrubbed the floor with the hard floor head
  • cylinder not upright, so there’s always a tendency to bend over it – important to adjust the wand length correctly
  • dust compartment isn’t massive, so needs emptying after each use (bearing in mind I have lots of hairy dogs and don’t vacuum every day)
  • cord not quite long enough
  • red

OK I’m clutching at straws for the negatives, I don’t really mind it being red.  The Dyson was purple though…

Price:       £299    from Amazon Prime  BUY NOW!

Other options

vacuum dog hair

I know that lots of people nowadays are going for the ”wand’ type vacuum cleaners.  I think these are great if you clean regularly and don’t do much at a time.  They are cordless and nice and light and manoeuvrable.  I’d love to have one for a quick wiz round the kitchen and maybe then I’d clean more often…

We love our dogs, but it is nice when the house is clean.


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