Border Collie puppies

Week 6: Causing chaos

Running and jumping all day long

Morning playtime

How is everyone? Not as happy, nor as busy as me, I’ll bet. It’s a rather unique situation we’re in, but for the puppies, the dogs and us, not much has changed. I still have to get up early to let out my 10 dogs and feed them all. I have to clean the run and reset it, while the puppies are out eating their breakfast in the sunshine (long may that last!)

border collie puppies
Winnie testing out the toys

Of course we have not had any visitors in the house for a week now. It really doesn’t matter, because they’ve met over 100 different people over the previous five weeks and seen quite a few of these on numerous occasions! They know that people are the best things and they will always welcome human interaction.

Border Collie puppies
tickle tickle

Staying chilled

Despite spending much longer periods awake, running and jumping around in the house and garden, the puppies do still spend long periods asleep. I was ‘talking’ with the owners of the Sweetie Litter on our WhatsApp group yesterday and they were sharing photos of their ten-month-olds all being super chilled.

Border Collie puppies
the best way to relax

When you are stuck in the house for most of every day, you do NOT need a dog that is constantly ‘on the go’. My dogs are completely used to me being around, so they spend most of the day, every day, sleeping at my feet. Of course they get up and play from time to time, but they are not restless, or anxious, or stressed.

Border Collie puppies
that’s OUR ball mummy

If you want to help your dog to settle and relax, the best thing to do is to be around them as much as possible, especially when they are little. Naturally my dogs are used to me going out (normally!) but they don’t worry.

Border Collie puppies
Miri at play

Another thing you could do is spend time training them. I recommend visiting the completely excellent Adam Delderfield’s site Delders Dogs for this. He’s running a series of challenges for people at the moment.

Adapting to the changes

Another impact of these strange times is that I have had my two vet appointments for next week cancelled. It is a legal requirement for breeders to have puppies microchipped BEFORE they go off to their new homes.

Border Collie puppies
eating from different bowls (and sharing)

“All dog breeders are responsible for ensuring puppies are microchipped before selling them. Puppies cannot be sold until they are eight-weeks-old and must be microchipped at the point of sale. If you’re buying a puppy make sure it’s microchipped before taking them home.”

From the Kennel Club information

However, all non-emergency appointments have been cancelled, so on this occasion they puppies will have to be microchipped along with their first vaccination. The Kennel Club have said that it not a requirement for breeders to vaccinate and I don’t do this anyway.

Border Collie puppies
smells good in here

With regards the eye testing, I have told the owners that this will not be done at this time. The parents are of course fully tested. I will pay for a test at a later date, if required.

Puppy training

As you can see in the video, I am already trying to instil some training into the puppies. They know to come when I call! Recall is the most important thing you can teach your dog and the better it is, the more you can relax and have fun with your dogs.

Border Collie puppies
tasting the plants

There are many posts and videos on this website about recall, particularly when I was writing about Ounce’s Adventures, including me talking about being stupidly exciting, like I am in the video above. I’m always conscious of trying to make the puppies as good as I can get them.

Border Collie puppies
I’ll eat your tail


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