Week 5: Getting outside

Out and about

Garden time!

This is how we start the day! As you can see, the puppies are now running about, going in and out, out and in. They wake up and given the chance, will rush outside to toilet. I offer them some food and Ounce may have already fed them. She and I try to take it in turns, but some days are more successful than others.

border collie puppies
Here we go

Playing with others

Today was another first, as Busy was engaging with one of the puppies! She came into the run and was really interacting with the puppy. Normally the other dogs are pretty grumpy with the puppies, because they are constantly looking for food from any dog they meet. I am so delighted that this litter are already learning that big dogs mean more than just food.

border collie puppies
I’ve arrived!

Having said that, I was thinking this morning how miserable it must be for dogs in puppy farms, being left shut in with their puppies all the time. If they have access to her, these puppies will constantly try to feed from Ounce, which can get rather annoying.

border collie puppies
Oh no! Not more feeding

Come rain or shine

Now the puppies have ‘fluffed up’, I prefer them to have access to outside as much possible. They are not able to wait to toilet, but like to go out. Border Collies have a double coat, with a thick, fluffy undercoat to keep them warm and a silky, waterproof top coat. That’s why they don’t need to go to the groomers, they don’t get smelly and they are immaculately clean ten minutes after getting home from a walk. I don’t feel they should normally wear coats – they are designed to live with our weather :).

border collie puppies
Tucking in

Children are friendly

With the imminent closure of schools this week, I suddenly realised we needed to do our ‘school visit’ straight away and I was very fortunate that Heronsgate Junior School were able to see us! I took the puppies, Ounce and Busy into school. We met around 50 children and 15 staff during our hour-long visit. The children behaved so well and really loved interacting with the puppies. Nobody was dropped or lost and there were lots of questions.

border collie puppies
Happy staff

Quiet time?

Now that the world has closed its doors, we are not expecting too many visitors. However, I don’t really think we will mind too much – all the more cuddling time for us! It’s a hard life!



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border collie puppies
gorgeous boy

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