border collie puppies

Week 4: It’s playtime!

4 week-old puppies at play

Ounce with her puppies

I’m amazed I get anything done, to be honest. These puppies! They really are lovely and I LOVE spending time with them. I often say to people that I get to know their temperaments because I spend so many hours with my puppies. With this litter I just think – they are all lovely 🙂

border collie puppies
Are you looking at me or my babies?

Meeting the family

This week I have seen all the families who are having the puppies and they know which puppy they are having. It has been pretty straightforward this time, as four of the homes are people I know and trust.

border collie puppies
Family introductions

It can be very challenging assessing the suitability of a new home, as you are sending off one of the family into the unknown. I feel a bit like the Grand Inquisitor, grilling people on their lifestyle! But sometimes people think they know what they want (it’s cute and fluffy!) and that isn’t the best fit for their family. It’s super when it comes together and you know it’s a perfect match.

border collie puppies
How happy?

Playing and learning

The puppies are now awake for longer periods and they are really interacting with one another! It is pretty magical to watch, as they tumble about, jumping on top of one another and chewing each other’s ears.

As with everything else, Ounce is pretty special when it comes to play. More than any of my other mums, she is engaging with her puppies and really playing with them. So sweet.

Teeth – all the better to chew you

The puppies continue to change in lots of ways. They can hear now of course, so they know as soon as we enter the room. When I get into the run they come over and start to engage with me. This normally means chewing my feet or trousers. Their teeth are only just emerging, but it won’t be long before I am really having to dodge round them.

border collie puppies
Testing out the new gnashers

What’s next?

I have been opening the outside door to give the pups some fresh air. The outside run is now set up and ready to go. It’s still cold and windy though, so when one came out this morning she just wanted to go straight back in. Fingers crossed the weather improves and they can have space to run about and explore.

border collie puppies
A snooze in the sunshine

Don’t forget to book up if you want to visit (friends and family only). Shutdowns due to the virus notwithstanding, the next few weeks are likely to be busy, especially the final week as the schools are on holiday. Week 6 is booked up already..

border collie puppies
Let’s get out of here!


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