border collie puppies

Week 3: Up and about

Party on!

We’ve been very busy here in the Puppy Palace, with masses of visitors, all family and friends, helping to celebrate a special wedding anniversary.

border collie puppies
Here’s looking at you

There is a definite pattern to the puppies’ feeds now, as they feed every 3-4 hours. Ounce goes in and within moment there is a terrific noise of suckling, as they guzzle the milk greedily.

border collie puppies
squashed up and glugging

You can see that they all pile in, not caring if they are squashing each other, as they fight for a place. There are plenty of spare nipples available guys! They move around every few minutes to ensure that all the milk is drunk.

Help from Granny

I have always known that my dogs get on really well, but I have seen this taken to a new level with this litter. When we arrived home after a couple of days away, I sat in with Ounce while she was feeding. Busy then joined us in the run, lying behind her daughter.

border collie puppies
Busy helping

Once the pups had finished feeding, Busy waited for them to come over, then cleaned them, making sure they went to the toilet. The puppies were totally relaxed around their grandmother, happy to engage with her, knowing she did not have any milk.

I’ve found this fascinating – truly supportive parenting! Of course in the wild the pack does all help to raise a litter of pups, but I never thought it would happen in my home!

Introducing solid food

Today, as the puppies are almost three weeks old, I have introduced a bit of soggy puppy food, soaked in goat’s milk. They loved it!

border collie puppies
this is good!

They had no trouble at all eating it – most of them have teeth already! They just tucked right in, then went back to Ounce for a bit more milk. So I will continue to provide some additional food over the next few weeks, until they are having 5-6 meals per day.

Eating is hard work

The inevitable conclusion to the first meal – one tired puppy!

Eating is hard work
That was exhausting

They do potter about playing and exploring, but only for a few minutes, then it’s back to sleep. They are real cuddle monsters already.

border collie puppies
lovely cuddles

Endless entertainment

Do you think I should charge an entry fee? Their owners will have all been to see them in the next few days, and they will hopefully get to know their puppy a little before he or she arrives in their new home.

border collie puppies


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