border collie puppies

week 7: New play skills!

Tuggy and chase!

Roaring round

I had to do an early pupdate, because this video is so much fun! I posted to social media last night, but I wanted to make sure all our audience could see what fun they are all having.

Smile please

border collie puppies
four-way tuggy

I also wanted to share some of the photos I’ve taken over the past couple of days. Trying to photograph puppies at this age is like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands – pretty tricky! Over the years I have had a number of professional photographers come round and want to take pictures. ‘Oh let’s put them in a basket/bath/box’. Hmm. They can’t be posed, or placed, or set up.

border collie puppies
Do you like my new hat?

Of course I have time on my side. I can take pictures all day every day. So you would expect my photos to be amazing, right? Well of course I am NOT a professional photographer. I’ve got better over the years, largely thanks to the tutoring and support I’ve received from my friend Kate Everall.

border collie puppies
This game is called ‘snap-snap’

Still, sometimes it is better to just sit and watch them as they career around the kitchen! Sometimes you just want to enjoy the moment. And naturally, if I move to get my camera, they move and stop whatever sweet thing they were doing.

border collie puppies
Now I will eat you

Constant growth and change

The changes the puppies are making are now slightly more subtle than in the first few weeks. They don’t double in weight, but their growth creeps up. Yesterday on the Live video I was talking about the way they have developed their ability to navigate round their world. The puppies are now much more confidently going from outside to inside and back again.

border collie puppies
A favourite spot in the sun

Eventually, (in a few weeks’ time), they will be able to understand that they need to go to the toilet and have sufficient control to wait until they are outside. Sadly, that is NOT a skill that they have just yet!

Patience pays off

border collie puppies
This is how you play tug

I was reminded of the need for patience this morning when out with my dogs. When I walk my 5 dogs off lead every day, I nearly always receive a compliment on how well behaved they are. This is especially true now, as I move them to the side of the path and make them wait whilst people pass us at a safe distance.

border collie puppies
No 1 puppy cuddler at work

Achieving this with my dogs is not a 5 minute exercise. I work on these activities every day. I always have treats in my pocket (currently imported from Slovenia!)

Anyway, I’m going to start teaching the puppies some basic commands. Watch this space!


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