Border Collie puppies

Week 7: Introductions

Time to meet you properly

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros It Must Be Love (Bentley)

I always like to leave it until close to the end of their time in the Puppy Palace to make the formal introductions. Of course I have been referring to the puppies in posts and often captioning photos with their names. But now is the time when I feel their personalities really shine through in the photos. You can see who they are.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros One Love (Finn)

The Lovely Litter

As you know, I decided that this would be the ‘Lovely Litter’ when they arrived on Valentine’s Day. They actually arrived whilst Chris and I were trying to eat our Valentine’s dinner! So for me it is all about love.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros Love Me Do (Miri)

I applied for their Kennel Club names almost straight away and was surprised and delighted when these were all accepted without question. Normally there is a bit of jiggery-pokery as names are rejected because they are too similar to someone else’s. These names seemed so obvious to me and had such meaning, that I couldn’t believe my luck when they just came back.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros Look of Love (Rusty)

Song titles

The ‘Rainbow Litter‘ were all song titles with the colour of the puppy in the name. Hence Ounce became ‘Dentbros Lilac Wine’ as a lilac and white puppy. Not ‘Purple Rain’, which I wanted – it was rejected, shame. Anyway, it seemed good to go with more song titles again. I was even more delighted to discover that Jasper, the dad of this litter, had his first litter named after song titles as well. Even better, they were all Paul McCartney and Wings song titles. So having two Beatles songs in my list seemed perfect.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros And I Love Her (Hettie)

The Lovely Litter:

  • Dentbros It Must Be Love (Bentley)
  • Dentbros One Love (Finn)
  • Dentbros Love Me Do (Miri)
  • Dentbros Look of Love (Rusty)
  • Dentbros And I Love Her (Hettie)
Border Collie puppies
We’re very good at gardening

Calendar Pictures?

Every year for the last six or seven years I have produced a calendar for family and friends with photos of the dogs. Initially these were from the professional photos I had had taken by Kate Everall or Bridget Davey. Then Chris bought me my first camera and I put on my big girl pants and started doing my own pictures for the calendars.

Border Collie puppies
Calendar puppies?

For the last couple of years, I have been offering these calendars for sale and donating all the profits I make to the charity Canine Concern. This is the charity that supports us when we volunteer in school every week.

Border Collie puppies
Gorgeous boy

Which photo(s) would you choose for the calendar? Please have a look through the photos for this litter and tell me which one(s) are your favourite? You can email me or message me on here or on Facebook?

Border Collie puppies
And the winner of ‘cutest puppy’ award goes to…


If you want to see more videos and photos, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page, or my own page. I am trying to post at least one video each day, to keep everyone entertained. Stay safe, stay in. xx

Border Collie puppies almost ready to go! Is this the age when they are the most adorable?  I'll let you judge..
So fluffy

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