Ounce – Dentbros Lilac Wine

This is my baby – Ounce!  She was mine from the second she was born and what a joy she is!

Owner : Dentbros
Breed : Border Collie
Date of Birth : 8th June 2017
Health Tested

Health Tests

Eye Examination: Unaffected – 20th July 2017
CL : Hereditarily Clear
CEA-CH : Hereditarily Clear
TNS : Hereditarily Clear
BAER Hearing Test : Pass – 19th July 2017
Glaucoma & Goniodysgenesis: DNA tested clear – 14th January 2019
Hip Score : 2/3 – 11th September 2018

Ounce is something special.  Her mum, Busy, is a special girl, so I knew that if I could, I would like to keep a puppy from her first litter.  When the litter arrived, the last one out was this lilac girl and I knew from the second I had her in my hand that she was mine.

Ounce’s dad, Sox, is such a lovely boy.  I know the breed lines he is from, so I was confident that he would have a great temperament. I was not disappointed; he is laid back, but also able to focus when required.

Ounce’s character

What a special girl she is!  When you own four dogs (and have owned another two before that) you imagine that this one will be ‘just the same’.  Wrong!  She is so sweet-natured, so engaging, so person-centred.  She is chatty and cheeky and funny.  She is absolutely delightful and I love her so much.  Ounce is very precious.

In February 2020 she had her first litter of puppies – the Lovely Litter. She was a brilliant mum, caring for her babies but also playing with them.

Ounce’s pedigree

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Goytre Chapter in Blue Sh Ch Sheltysham Shocking Snob Caristan Chance of Love
Sh Ch Sheltysham Shampane Snob
Goytre Repeat the Story Sh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW ShCM
Sh Ch Goytre Never Ending Story
Dentbros Busy the Imp*** Borderlair Taboo Too Nobite Aspiring Oamaru
Borderlair Nugget
Westirene Sunshine at Dentbros Westirene Rizzle Dizzle
Westirene Rosarita

If you want to know about Ounce, you can read all about her training progress and the adventures she has had along the way.

For the Dog of your Dreams

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