AYWYP: 1st birthday!

Birthday Boy!

What an amazing year it has been with this boy! Sometimes things just work out a certain way and I am so glad they did this time. There was a bit of juggling around with the homes for this litter and we ended up with him. So here we are, celebrating Quin’s birthday.

Quin has such a great temperament. He’s calm in so many situations, being far more laid back than many Border Collies. He loves people and will happily go up to anyone to say hello and have a fuss. Although he doesn’t jump up, he does like to give ‘one lick’ to say hello!

Border Collie birthday
Best boy

I have taken Quin up and down the country; he’s been to Scotland and South Devon. He always copes with new experiences perfectly. That is why I had him assessed to start volunteering, supported by Canine Concern. We love visiting Heronsgate Junior School and he often makes the children laugh!

Border Collie birthday
So handsome

I’ve tried a few different activities with Quin, including tricks, scentwork and now hoopers. Hopefully we will add ringcraft (showing) and agility to that list. I expect to continue with at least one activity with him in future, as I love having time with my dogs on their own.

Border Collie birthday
Keen to work

As you know, I plan to put him to stud, so we will start completing the various health tests shortly. And I have almost completed the blog I have been writing, since he ‘became’ our puppy, at 8 weeks of age. You can read Quin’s Story here.

Border Collie birthday
Dentbros Man on the Moon

Of course happy birthday to his siblings, the rest of the Mystical Litter! I am lucky enough to have seen three of them on more than one occasion, and I am in regular contact with all of them.

Weekly Focus Challenge

Have you celebrated your dog’s birthday?  Did you do anything special for him?

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