Punk Litter: Week 2 – Puppies growing and developing

Puppies growing steadily

During their second week of life, things in the puppy palace are still quite quiet. Feeding settles down and there are longer gaps between feeds. But they’re still not moving around much and there’s not much to see. Which doesn’t stop me from spending pretty much all my time sitting beside the box, watching the puppies growing.

border collie puppies
pink toes

I usually do move them out of my bedroom at some point during their second week – it’s quite hard to sleep. Poor Ounce is still stuck with them, but she’s good at sleeping and feeding. A great multi-tasker!

border collie puppies

It’s nice to have a few visitors during this time, but I’ve learnt that people can’t really be bothered to come at this time as they are boring. (Not sure if I mean the people or the puppies :p) Actually, the puppies aren’t that good at being cuddled, as they can wriggle and squeak when picked up at this age.

border collie puppies
It’s a hard life

Fortunately, Adam and Maggie are on hand to help them practise being handled and cuddled. And my sister came to see them (well she told us she wanted to see us, but we know the real reason she came)! We love having visitors – friends and family are always welcome.

border collie puppies
cuddling is essential

Moving around

They do start to get up onto their feet by the end of the second week. What is absolutely amazing is that the puppies start to move off the vetbed and onto the newspaper to wee. I find this incredible, considering they cannot yet see or hear. They stagger about, often falling over. Clever puppies!

Eyes opening

Towards the end of the second week, they begin to open their eyes. They start with little openings in the corners of the their eyes. Then gradually, over the course of a few days, they all open their eyes fully. I think it takes a while for them to start to use their eyesight to navigate, but they manage so well without vision, it’s hard to tell.

border collie puppies
peeping out



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