Punk Litter: Week 3 – Puppies moving around more

Puppies moving and interacting

This is quite a small litter for Border Collies, who average around six puppies per litter. So I haven’t felt in any rush to introduce solid food this time, as Ounce has managed perfectly well feeding them. They are such fatties! Now their eyes are open though, the puppies can get moving.

Border Collie puppies
fatties feeding

Moving rooms – again!

As you know, I moved them out of my bedroom into another bedroom, where I thought they would stay for a couple of weeks. I forgot we had family coming, so they had to move again. It’s great having them in the kitchen anyway, as then they become part of family life!

Border Collie puppies
fatty bum bums

Family fun!

Having my nephews here was lovely, because they are expert cuddlers! They have grown up seeing my puppies and are always really fantastic at just hanging out with them. Aura absolutely adores them.

Border Collie puppies
Expert puppy cuddlers
Border Collie puppies
Child-friendly cuddles

Normally I restrict children coming to visit until the puppies are over three weeks of age, but Ned and Will are the perfect introduction to children! Dogs and children are great fun together, but it is important to manage their interactions.

Border Collie puppies
Family life

Stop moving!

I try taking photos and videos every day, so that we have a record of their development. Taking ‘proper’ photos like this one is really hard, even when they are still so small. They just don’t stop moving!

Border Collie puppies
I can see you

NB: These puppies all have homes.


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