Punk Litter: Week 4 – Puppies eating and playing

Puppies eating real food

Finally, I gave Ounce a break and started feeding the puppies real food! They got on really well, eating enthusiastically. Initially, I am quite cautious, giving them a bit of soaked puppy kibble, only after Ounce has already fed them. I start off feeding them once or twice a day. This quickly increased though, so that within a week they are eating four or five times a day.

Yum yum

I feed my dogs Royal Canin, because it suits them. Border Collies can have quite sensitive digestive systems and can be a bit fussy. There are a wide range of views of on what is the right way to feed our dogs, just as we all eat different foods. I’m not joining that argument. I feed what works for my dogs. They like it and they have the right levels of energy for the life they live.

Is this right?

Table manners!

I start off the puppies eating from a shallow dish, that is big enough for them all to eat from. Unfortunately it is also big enough for them to climb into! They do soon get the hang of it and soon the puppies are eating efficiently, without making too much mess.

You taste good


Once I start feeding them, Ounce stops clearing up after them. I have to do it all now! Fortunately, their poos are still small and are now a bit firmer (too much information, I know!) They try to poo as far away from their beds as possible. Once the weather improves they will start to go outside. Then they will only poo out there, if they can.

Eating is exhausting

After each meal, they start playing for a few minutes, but they soon go back to sleep. It’s such hard work!

Playing with toys

What’s this?

As they are now up and about a bit more, I start to introduce toys. These are smaller than normal dog toys and designed to be safe for puppies. There are toys that move, toys to chew, toys that make a noise and toys to snuggle up to.


I put a crate into their run, so that they have different spaces to explore. They can also get used to being in a crate, which will be great when they go off to their new homes.

Uncle Quin

hello matey

For the first time ever, I have a young male dog in the house alongside the puppies. Quin has been interested in them from day one. Ounce has now allowed him into the run to start engaging with them. Hopefully this will ensure that they are super friendly with other dogs, once they start going out into the world.

Can I tell you a secret?



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NB: I am not a dog trainer, or a dog behaviourist, just a dog breeder and owner. I can only offer my opinion, based on my experience.

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