Punk Litter: Week 1 – Puppies Sleeping and Eating

Nothing much happening here

The first week is pretty quiet, all they do is DOUBLE in weight! And the rest – that was by Sunday, just 5 days after they arrived. They spend all their time just eating and sleeping, but they do that very efficiently!

Border Collie puppies

Ounce is a fantastically efficient mum – she feeds them and toilets them at the same time, clearing up after them so their bedding only needs changing once or twice a day.

Border Collie puppies
you can’t escape from me

I sleep in the same room as them for at least a week, so that I know they are robust enough not to get squashed. Actually these pups have been tough from birth, so have never even been slightly in trouble. If the mother has had a difficult birth, she may be too exhausted to mind out of their way, but Ounce is young, fit and healthy, so that has never been an issue.

Border Collie puppies
pink noses

When they are born, their noses are pink. They gain their colour over the first few weeks, although they can take a bit longer. These puppies will have grey, or ‘slate’ noses. Their toes are also pink – so sweet!

Care required

During the first few weeks of a puppy’s life, they do not need much from the breeder. Dogs bred on farms are often left to get on with it, being kept in runs or barns outside. Not me.

Border Collie puppies

First of all, I take a great deal of care of my mums. I make sure they are fed regularly, around six or seven times a day. I feed them a good quality food, with a mix of dry and wet food. They have goat’s milk and/or natural yogurt, to ensure good milk supply and bone growth. My mummy dogs do not generally lose weight while nursing.

Border Collie puppies

I keep my dogs company. They aren’t left alone much and am generally around. I sit and watch the puppies, sleeping and squeaking (well you would, wouldn’t you?)

Giving cuddles

I think being handled regularly right from birth ensures that my puppies are monitored and assessed. They are used to the feel and smell of people and this makes them super friendly towards people as adult dogs. A good breeder cares how their dogs turn out as adults and wants the best for the dog and its family.

Border Collie puppies
crashed out



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