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Christmas Bandanas!

Something a bit different?

We went to a Christmas market on Sunday – MK Feast at Bradwell Abbey.  Bought these bandanas for the dogs from Baxters Boutique.  How cute are these?

Ounce modelled hers yesterday in her video Ounce’s Showreel.

Father Christmas dog bandana

Alternatively, how about this cute Father Christmas dog bandana?

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Crates, Cages and Kennels – What’s the point?

Dog Doc Question 11: Why would you keep your dog in a cage?

Look what my puppy can do!  Thanks to Sarah for telling me how to teach this trick.  She’s supposed to shut the door as well but I’m not confident about teaching that bit yet.

People often say to me “I don’t like the idea of using a cage for my dog, it seems mean to put them in there.”  As you can see from the video, Ounce does not mind going in her bed, in fact she loves it!

As you can see from the photo, there is plenty of space for Ounce inside her crate.  I’ve covered it with a towel and she has her vet bed in there to make it nice and comfortable.  In fact it looks more like a kennel than a cage.  Here’s what I have put on the Equipment Advice page about crates.


Your puppy needs its own space and safe place.  The crate or cage keeps it safe and out of trouble when it is alone, rather like putting a baby in a cot or playpen.  It also helps to teach the puppy that it does need to rest and so do you.

When ordering a crate for your puppy, buy one big enough for it to lie in stretched out and standing up in when it is fully grown. Make sure that the mesh is not too big as puppies may get their mouths caught.  Put some bedding inside and tie some toys in the far end of the crate so the puppy has to go in there to play with them. Gently place your puppy in there whenever it falls asleep. Leave occasional treats in the crate for the puppy to find, so the puppy learns to love going in there.

A handy hint to ensure that your puppy is eager to enjoy the safety and calm of the crate is to feed him in there. Then, quietly close the door. Puppies love to search and sniff for pieces of food, and once they have found and eaten everything, they often settle down and drift into sleep for an hour or so. This gives you a chance to do other things without worrying about what the puppy is up to, and it is a good experience for the puppy to curl up and sleep in the cot by choice.  You can gradually increase the time the puppy stays in the crate and initially this should be whilst you are in the room with it.

Make sure your puppy has recently emptied its bladder and bowels before it enters and do not leave your puppy in the crate or puppy pen for more than a couple of hours during the daytime. Although most puppies are content to sleep in their crate overnight, they get very distressed if they have to foul near their beds, so you must be prepared to get out of your bed to let them out if they need to toilet during the night. If they have fouled inside the crate, you must clean it out immediately or the puppy will hate being in the crate.

Never use the crate as a sin-bin or you will teach your puppy to resent it.
Always remove the puppy’s collar when in the crate in case it gets caught up on it.

It’s a bed, not a cage

This is the crucial point.  It is not a way to contain your dog and stop them from moving about and enjoying life.  It is somewhere safe for them to go and sleep.

Five years ago, for our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to Norway to see the Northern Lights.  Part of that amazing holiday involved going out on a husky sled.  The dogs were great, but they weren’t very domesticated.  I was shocked to see that they were kept in individual kennels, which were little more than holes in the ground, out in the snow.  But I was told that if they were kept together they fought.  And during the summer months they lived a much freer life.  Those dogs were happy and healthy and quite honestly, they had a brilliant life.  They were outside, running about every day, howling at the moon all night long (we didn’t get much sleep!)

It really made me think about the way we keep our dogs and it is something I often reflect on.  I know many people with large numbers of dogs, who usually keep them in separate crates for large chunks of the day and night.  I don’t do that, but if I put a crate up, all my dogs will immediately go in it.  If Ounce isn’t in her crate then someone else will usually go into it (often the cat!)   So my dogs aren’t ‘kept’ in crates, but they don’t sleep on my bed either.

In this country, we want the best for our pets.  That’s great, as long as it is actually the best for the pets, not what we think is the best for them.  If your dog is left alone to chew up your house and you then get angry with it and want to get rid of it, that is not a great solution, is it? Give your puppy a safe, happy place to call their own.  They will thank you for it.


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Water bowls – best for travelling

When you need a non-spill solution for your dogs

Prestige Road Refresher Non Spill Pet Water Bowl

I lost my bowl this week, as it fell out of the boot when the girls all jumped out of the car at once.  Silly me.  Fortunately I’ve been able to order another (two) and best of all they are in exciting green, not boring grey!  They have other colours, but this one was on offer.  Result.

These bowls are great because they hold masses of water, but they have a false bottom that stops the water spilling out.


Christmas Shopping Ideas

I have an Amazon Associate account, which means that if you buy things by clicking on the links on this site, I receive a few pennies as a reward.

So here are some things I’ve bought, that I like:



Of course I can’t tell you about all the shopping I’ve done recently, as they are for my family!  But these are some books I’ve enjoyed reading this year.

Puppies and toys – do they need them?

Why buy toys for your puppy?

I was reflecting on the fact that I have recently bought another pile of toys for the dogs (especially the puppy) and some of these have already been destroyed. Is is a waste of money?  Is it better to spend more on toys, or buy cheap ones?  Should you have toys for chewing, or fetching, tugging, or shaking?  All of those, of course!

I have a whole toy box full of stuff for my girls.  I tidy up before bed every day and by the end of the following day there will be up to 20 toys littering the kitchen and hall.  This demonstrates to me that the toys serve a purpose.  They engage the brain in some way.

Butter wouldn’t melt, eh?  Hmm, that’s what you think. 

This is supposed to be a squirrel.

Busy still loving it though, despite its diminished appearance.

This had a nice rope on it for tugging a week ago.  Ounce even played tuggy with Aura, for about ten minutes.  I found the rope in the garden yesterday, having been passed right through somebody (it was Aura).

Poor thing.  It had legs, and stuffing in its head.  Not long before it too, is consigned to the bin.

This tatty old bottle was inside a toy, which went in the bin.  Bottles and yogurt pots are such popular toys.  Not everything has to be expensive.

This hat was hanging from a pin on the top floor.  The puppy is not allowed upstairs, yet somehow she crept up two flights and picked this off the wall, bringing it downstairs.  Fortunately she decided not to shred it, so it can dress some pirate up on another day.

That is what happens if no toys are provided – the puppy will look for other mischief.  As well as keeping them happy, toys do provide mental stimulation and engagement.  That is why I keep buying and providing them.  Plus, who doesn’t want to buy their dog a sprout for Christmas?

Treats for your dog

Here are some toys you might like:

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Dentbros Clothing!

Lovely, practical clothing, with the Dentbros Logo!

Here is Helen (Pixie’s mum) modelling a lovely padded, cotton bodywarmer, with a hood.  If you fancy ordering something, you can order directly from Workwear Express.  Or you can CONTACT ME and I can place an order and add the logo to it.  I can accept PayPal payments to cover the cost of adding the logo.

These two items are ones I ordered recently.  I am loving them, as they are really useful to layer up and add pockets as the weather gets cooler.

Or why not add a pretty hoodie – with or without full zip.  The pockets are so useful and it is great to wear around the house.  These come in a wide range of colours – go on, treat yourself!

Order directly from Workwear Express without the logo.  Or you can CONTACT ME and I can place an order and add the logo to it.  I can accept PayPal payments to cover the cost of adding the logo.

Great clothing, great logo – what’s not to like!

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Warm jumpers for winter

Getting ready for colder weather

Border collies generally have long coats, with a fluffy undercoat and a silky top coat, so they should not need to have any additional clothing.  However, in my view, any dog who lives in a lovely warm, centrally heated house, is going to appreciate a little extra comfort on a chilly day.

In addition, dogs moult at different times of year and to varying degrees.  Busy has just lost all her coat having had puppies.  She has gone from this:

to this!

Another consideration is if you are taking more than one dog to training, or to a show, and they are running around for a bit, followed by a period in the car, they will definitely feel the cold.  Of course short-haired breeds definitely benefit from a bit of extra warmth.

So if it gets frosty soon, I will be popping on their Equafleece Tankies!  You can see here that they are warm and comfortable, without affecting the dogs’ movement in any way.


Calendars are available to buy for £10.60 +p&p.

Please CONTACT ME NOW if you would like to order one?  Limited stock available!