Ounce’s Showreel! Clever puppy :)

Look what the puppy can do now!

This is mainly a demonstration of my poor handling – sorry Ounce.  We muddle through though and I believe we demonstrate the following:

  • Stay
  • Come
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Twist
  • Spin
  • Roll over
  • Through legs (various ways)
  • Paw 
  • Speak
  • Tug
  • Touch target
  • Standing spin (we don’t really know that one yet!)
  • Back (definitely needs work)
  • Retrieve
  • On bed (needs work that one)
  • Open door
  • Into bed
  • Shut door (poor equipment with these)

Above all, I think what this video shows so clearly is how keen Ounce is to please.  She wants to do it, whatever it is.  She offers me things I don’t ask for constantly, just in case that is what I want.  How lovely is that?

The video also demonstrates the importance of rewarding what you do want.  A couple of times when I have the target, (the lid) I miss her touching it, so she immediately loses confidence.  We haven’t practised it much, so need to work on that a lot more.

Here are my ideas for what else I want to teach her:

  • Bow
  • Hide face
  • Back through legs
  • Feet on feet
  • Carry a bag
  • Pick up keys
  • Bang on a door to shut it
  • Give high five (she gives a paw but I want more of a high five)
  • Wave
  • Cross paws
  • Play dead (lying flat on her side)
  • Tidy up her toys

What else? Please comment and let me know what you think she should learn to do? Some of these are quite complicated sequences of actions, so need a bit more tuition.  I don’t know how to teach some of these, so will need some help.  I also need to reinforce quite a few of the ones I’ve done already, as they are a bit haphazard still.

Thanks to Sarah Humphreys again for the training and Adam for the video.


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