Punk Litter: Week 8 – Introducing the Puppies

Border Collie puppies
Daddy’s girl

Ready for introducing

Eight weeks isn’t very long and goes by in a flash! This time it’s almost seemed like a non-event, as we’ve only had four pups and this is our 11th litter. Each litter is very different though and it is wonderful seeing the personalities of the pups grow and develop. Now they need introducing..

Introducing Border Collie puppies


The last couple of weeks are pretty heavy on the admin – there is a lot of paperwork to sort out! Setting up the free insurance – all good breeders will provide at least 4 weeks’ free insurance. Transferring the microchips over to the new owners. Making sure the Kennel Club Breed Registration is there.

Introducing Border Collie puppies

It’s official

As you know, each litter has a theme and the last few litters have had song titles as their pedigree names. I decided that this would be my PUNK litter and have chosen punk songs as their names.

Introducing Border Collie puppies

So introducing:

Introducing Border Collie puppies

Pet names

I’m always thrilled if the new owners choose pet names that relate to the pedigree names and this time two of the owners have done just that. Dennis’ owners spent days thinking about names, but in the end couldn’t resist calling him Dennis.

Introducing Border Collie puppies

Buzz’ owner is a musician and she got right on it – knowing that Ever Fallen in Love was by the Buzzcocks and therefore choosing Buzz as his name. Lovely!

Introducing Border Collie puppies
Tearing around

Bailey has a middle name – Alfred, after the owner’s dad, which is lovely. And Murmur? Ah yes the complicated Dent naming strategy! It has to have a ‘u’ as the second letter and make a different sound to all the rest. It’s a great name to call..

Introducing Border Collie puppies
So much fluffiness

I had hoped to have two girls, so I could have called one ‘Dentbros Sheena is’, but not this time. I loved Siouxsie Sioux though and of course it’s a Beatles song :).

Ready to go

So they are 8 weeks old today and two have gone already! I’ll put all the ‘going away’ pics in next week’s post, as Buzz is here until next week. Bailey and Dennis are settling in well so far.



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