Punk Litter: Week 9 – Puppies go home

The Punk Litter!

Puppies in their homes

And away! Off they go into their homes, hopefully where they will stay forever. I am thrilled with the homes for these boys and I am completely confident that they will be fantastic.

Border Collie puppy
Bailey and his mum

Although I will just say that nothing is forever and sometimes things change outwith our control. It is better for a dog to move from a loving home that is not best for that dog, at that time, than for them to stay put and the situation to deteriorate. I would never say that a dog must stay with its first owner, no matter what.

Puppy contract

All my owners must sign a contract when they collect their puppy. One of the points in this states: “In the event of difficulty, the Breeder requests that the animal be returned to the Breeder, who will be responsible for re-homing the said animal. There is no time limit on this request.”

Border Collie puppy
Bailey love

Breeding endorsements

In addition, as a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, there are endorsements placed on the registration of the puppies. These state:

“Not eligible for an Export Pedigree and Progeny not eligible for registration” (this means that you may not register offspring from this Animal.) The breeding endorsement may be lifted if the dog displays suitable temperament and adult health checks have been conducted, including eye testing and healthy hip score.

Border Collie puppy
Dennis’ family

These endorsements protect the future of the breed and in particular my ‘lines’, from careless or irresponsible breeding. That’s the theory, anyway. Read more about this here.

Settling in to their homes

Sending the pups off to their new homes is nerve-racking for me. People always say ‘how can you part with them’ and I always say ‘easily!’ because they are hard work. I had Buzz for a few extra days this time and that is when they need to start properly being toilet trained. They need to learn to come to their name and to go further afield.

Border Collie puppy
Buzz’ family

Once they get to their new homes, it’s lovely to hear that they explore their new home confidently, that they eat well and best of all, that they sleep at night! I love my owners to share their experiences and challenges, especially when they are first time dog owners. So far, so good..

My puppy

In some ways, Murmur is the puppy I’ve been waiting for. She’s the third generation bred from Sunny, my dream dog. Murmur is my future, alongside Quin. I really hope they are the beautiful breeding pair I have planned them to be.

Border Collie puppy
happy days

I should say that I had not planned to have six dogs. SIX! As you know, I had planned for my boy to live elsewhere, but that didn’t work out. I have no regrets about keeping Quin; he is a fantastic dog. We also thought Luna might not still be with us, as she is 12 years old, with diabetes. I am proud of the condition she is in at the moment and we celebrate life with her every day.

Border Collie puppy
a photo with six dogs?

Crazy Dog Lady

Still, here we are, with six Border Collies. It will be a rollercoaster, I’m sure. Lots and lots of training to be done… I’m sure most of my money will go on them – equipment, food, training and of course vet’s bills. They are worth it though. I will write about Murmur’s Tales, going forward. Although I am still working through Quin’s story!

Border Collie puppy
cheeky chops



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NB: I am not a dog trainer, or a dog behaviourist, just a dog breeder and owner. I can only offer my opinion, based on my experience.

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