Punk Litter: Week 7 – Puppies going out

Border Collie puppies going out

Going out in the van!

At six weeks of age, the puppies are ready to be microchipped and health tested. So they go out in the van – such an adventure! Travelling in a vehicle is a challenge for dogs; it’s hard for them to understand the process as we can’t explain where we are going.

going out

Usually, the first few trips are quite traumatic for puppies. They are often sick, they usually cry and they may howl or cry the whole time. It’s fine. I know that they are safe and comfortable, so we just have to tough it out.

Border Collie puppies going out


Microchipping is a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK. Breeders have a responsibility to microchip puppies before they go to their new homes. Owners have a responsibility to keep the details up to date. So if you buy a puppy and it is not microchipped, you should be asking why not? No responsible breeder will fail to do this.

Border Collie puppies going out
beautiful blue boy

Eyes and ears

On Wednesday last week I took the puppies to have their eyes and hearing checked. More torture in the van! I have to go to the wonderful specialist vets, Davies, for this. They are given eye drops to dilate their pupils, then the eye is examined to ensure they are healthy. It was interesting to hear the vet’s views about eye colour – we aren’t sure the lilacs will keep their blue eyes and Dennis’ eyes are definitely darker.

Border Collie puppies going out

Once the eyes have been checked, we have their hearing checked as well at the hearing clinic. They were so well behaved and ALL the staff came to have a look at them! The puppies starred in a video, showing their treatment; we look forward to seeing that in future.

Border Collie puppies going out

Visiting school

As you know, I volunteer with the dogs in Heronsgate School, well supported by the wonderful charity Canine Concern. Luckily for me, the school LOVE the puppies (well why wouldn’t they!) So we are always able to take the litter into school for a visit.

Border Collie puppies going out
I’m going to bite you

It’s total chaos, but the school love it! Well, I love it as well, to be honest. It’s pretty special, being able to show the children the pups when they are still relatively young. Some children have never seen such a young dog. It’s a great opportunity to teach the children what puppies are really like.

Border Collie puppies going out
cuddle monster

I took Quin in to provide a bit of calm and Ounce to feed them, if required. Quin behaved impeccably, Ounce not so much!



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