Happy 2nd Birthday Princesses!

Busy, Aura, Luna, Sunny
Busy, Aura, Luna, Sunny

Three generations, four beautiful girls, wishing a very happy 2nd birthday to the princesses – Ella, Aura, Bella, Willow and Flo.  I can’t believe it is already two years since we had all the excitement of Luna’s litter arriving, a few days early and spread over two days!  Aura has grown up into the most fantastic dog.  She is incredibly friendly with people and absolutely loves children.  She is coming along brilliantly in agility and has enjoyed going to a few shows, getting a 7th rosette in an Allsorts class at the Milton Keynes show.  She has Sunny’s drive and Luna’s willingness to please – a perfect combination.

The latest litter, including Busy, were 6 months old last week, so happy half-birthday to them as well!  Busy and Aura play all day; they are such good friends.  It’s not ideal having two young dogs together, but Chris and I now have two girls each and I look forward to Chris beginning agility training with Busy in a few months’ time.

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