New Arrivals

Lined up at the milk bar
Lined up at the milk bar

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of Luna’s second litter, once again to the gorgeous Delicious Chocolate Sundae (Oz).  They arrived on Thursday 20th November.  Two girls and two boys, all big and healthy.






The daily weigh-in

The puppies are weighed at birth and then monitored daily for the first few weeks.  This puppy is one of the biggest my girls have produced.  They all put on around 60g in the first day – pretty impressive work from Luna!

Aren't I clever?
Aren’t I clever?

Luna is such a proud mother. She really loves her babies and is so pleased to show them off.  She doesn’t mind visitors (grown-ups only at this stage) but they need to be respectful – she watches carefully to see what is going on.

Cuddling up to the toys


Luna brought these toys up from downstairs; she likes to make sure that her babies have something to cuddle up to.  Since these are Busy’s toys I had to go and buy some new ones today!

Ever-attentive mother




Luna looks after her babies so well, making sure they are kept clean, although this can be quite a challenge!

pink toes peeping

So gorgeous – couldn’t you just eat them up?

PLEASE NOTE:  Visitors are needed regularly for the next eight weeks, so I shall expect to see everyone I know at least once!  Children are especially welcome once they are a few weeks old (they’re boring until then) and will be required to cuddle and play with them as much as possible.  Cake is usually available.  Please make sure you get in touch to arrange your visit(s)? 

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