Lovely litter - one day old

Happy valentines day!

Just arrived

The Lovely Litter have arrived!

On Friday 14th February, between 17.30 and 19.30, Ounce gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies! The dad is Goytre Frozen Memories (Jasper), who is a beautiful boy with a sweet nature.

Lovely litter - Jasper

What colours?

There were many possibilities for different colours, as Ounce is a lilac and white and Jasper is a black and white tricolour. Happily, they have produced four black and whites and one red and white, all with ‘classic’ markings. Very smart!

Lovely litter - one day old
Any way you can get it

The red and white is a boy and two of the black and whites are boys. There are two black and white girls.

Lovely litter - one day old
Snuggled up

I have decided to call this the ‘Lovely Litter’ since they were born on Valentine’s Day. Their Kennel Club names will all have the word ‘love’ or ‘lovely’ in them. More on that later…

At birth, the puppies weigh 200-300g. They gained 10% of their birth weight within 24 hours. I weigh them every day to start with, to check they are all feeding well. Once they are well established I don’t tend to worry too much.

All have homes

It’s a handful

I do have homes for ALL of these puppies, subject to confirmation. I look for a loving homes, suitable for a Border Collie. Read more about the breed if you are interested. Or read about what it is like to own one.

Family bliss

Visitors required

If you have known me a while, you will know that I like to have lots of visitors to see my puppies! I invite close friends and family (no children) for the first three weeks. After that, I like to see a wide variety of people I know, including children. So please do get in touch to book a visit?

Lovely litter - one day old.
Cuddles all round

The last couple of weeks are often quite busy, so don’t leave it too late. They will be gone by Easter! NB: Visits are by appointment only. There is someone here at all times.


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