Finding her feet – Exercises for Ounce

Preparation for agility – exercise number two

Here is a brilliant example of how to prepare a puppy for agility without doing any damage to joints, causing over-excitement, or causing them to get bored.  We are simply giving her something to think about.  She is moving slowly forward, not looking particularly where she is going, but becoming aware of the need to lift her feet over the obstacles.  Clever girl!

We want Ounce to be aware of her whole body, so that she has better coordination and well better agility!  It will really help her once she starts moving around a course of obstacles.  It also helps her with muscle conditioning and general fitness.

Thanks to Sam Lane of Daimonic Dogs for the training – we love it!  Sam competes at International level, so we are so grateful that she is able to train us – what a difference it has made.

Here a clip of Sam winning at Crufts a few years ago.

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