Border Collie Colours

What colour should a Border Collie be?

My friends and family are tired of me telling the story of the person who had applied for a puppy from the A-Z Litter when I had the two black and white boys remaining.  They rang before they came to say that they didn’t want this one because they were looking for a ‘classic collie’.  This photo of him (taken by Bridget Davey Photography) went on to feature in a magazine article on Border Collies, as it was a great example of the breed.  Lol.

This morning I was asked if I would be charging more for Ounce’s puppies if they are lilac and white, like her.  I said I would not do that, because for me, others factors are more important in determining who has which puppy, as I have said elsewhere.

Yesterday I received an enquiry for a ‘brown’ puppy.  I very snobbishly replied that I breed chocolate and white or red and white, not brown.  Of course deciding whether a border collie should be red or chocolate is a bit of a matter of opinion.  Both Sunny and Luna are registered as red and white, because I didn’t realise chocolate was an option.  Now I know that reds are much lighter, like Charlie (who is registered as a chocolate :p).

Apart from a few reds, I have produced chocolate and whites, black and whites and four chocolate merles, here demonstrated by Nell, Lyra and Jumble.

The only other colour I have had is the gorgeous Chester – my blue boy.

The Kennel Club lists the following colours for Border Collies:

  Black & white Blue & white Chocolate/ Red & white Lilac & white
Solid yes yes yes yes
Tricolour yes yes yes yes
& Tan yes yes yes yes
Merle yes yes yes yes
Merle tricolour yes yes yes yes
Sable yes yes yes yes

Gold (otherwise known as EE red) can occur with all these variations, as can Slate.

Other colours: Cream, Seal  Source: Kennel Club BC colours

Someone on Facebook, Wonderful World of Border Collies, shared this infographic with me:

Amazing isn’t it?  I put a post into TheBorderCollieGroup which generated a huge response – lovely!  Personally, I don’t care what they look like, as long as they are healthy, happy dogs.  Of course that is easy for me to say when I own the MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPY IN THE WORLD!


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