Family Fun – Mother and daughter together

Learning with mum

I have worked hard to train Ounce by walking her on her own, but ultimately, she will be part of the pack.  I have felt that she needs that time on her own to reinforce recall, wait and down.  Also to try and ensure that she doesn’t rush up to everyone and jump up, that she is polite with other dogs and comes back to me, whatever the distraction.

However, that is not all she needs to do.  Ounce also needs to learn to fit alongside the other dogs.  With Busy I went from walking her on her own to taking her out with all the others.  I ‘lost’ her then, as she forgot all about me and just focused on the other dogs.  I then had to almost start again with her recall and I had quite a few frustrating and annoying walks, where I had no control over her.

This time, I have decided to mix things up a bit.  I am doing several walks a week with Ounce on her own, but am also trying to include a walk with a friend and their dogs and a walk with one or more of my dogs.  That way, Ounce gets used to a variety of different scenarios and hopefully, copes better with them all.

While we were out, I noticed just how alike the mother and daughter are looking now.  This relates nicely to the post I wrote a couple of days ago about pedigree breeding. Not only do they look alike, Ounce clearly takes after her mum in her calm, easy-going nature.

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