Luna’s Last Litter

Border Collie Puppies

I am delighted to announce that Luna is expecting her 3rd and final litter, due mid November!

I have mated her with Goytre Chapter in Blue – Sox, who is Ounce’s dad.  I am very fortunate to have been able to use this gorgeous boy once again.

Possible colours for this litter (from the Anadune database) are as follows:

  • Black & White  – 60%
  • Red/Chocolate & White – 20%
  • Blue & White – 15%
  • Lilac & White – 5%
Goytre Chapter in Blue (Sox)

This means they will probably ALL be black and white =D.  It is unlikely that there will be any blue eyes this time.  These puppies will be real softies, loving their cuddles and ready and willing to do anything for you.

They are due to arrive in mid November, so will be ready to go to their homes in early January.  Luna has smaller litters than Sunny or Busy, and of course they have to be safely delivered.  Inevitably, I have already had some enquiries, but if you are interested in this litter, please do fill in an application form?

Applying for a puppy

If you would like to be considered for a puppy, have a look at the FAQs. You can also fill in a Puppy application form.

application form

Please CONTACT ME if you would like to know more about my dogs or my puppies.  They are highly regarded and much sought after!

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