Visiting Family

Seeing the Rellies

On Monday we had so much fun.  Ounce and I travelled to Surrey and met up with Nicole and her dogs, including Ounce’s dad, Sox and her half-brother Dreamer.  The two pups got on straight away and had a wonderful time running around together.  They are just two weeks apart in age, so it is lovely for them.  Clever Sox produced a second litter just like the first one, same colour mix, same number of pups and very similar to look at – just that Dreamer has matching eyes, unlike Lenny!

Before we left, we decided to go for a ‘family photo’.  Easier said than done, as you can see!  They do look great though, don’t they?

After that we went round the corner to my friend Jane’s.  She has three of my pups, one from each of Sunny’s three litters.

This is Nell, Luna’s sister.  They are so alike, it is really quite hard for us to tell them apart, even after 7 years!  Their ears are set slightly differently, but that’s about it.  Luna and Nell don’t like each other much, typical sisters!

Lyra was the only girl in Sunny’s second litter.  We toyed with calling them ‘Snow White and the seven dwarves’ but decided that Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy and Dopey were not the best names for beautiful puppies!  Have a look at the Litters page to see what we did call them.  Lyra is a beautiful girl, so like her mum.

Jumble is Busy’s brother.  He is such a happy boy; he really loves life and his family. He has such a sweet nature.  I am lucky to be able to see these pups regularly and they are lucky to have such a brilliant home and loving family.

Ounce really enjoyed seeing everyone and of course being made a fuss of by all the people. She plonked herself on my goddaughter Alice’s lap, making herself completely at home.  She was very tired after all her adventures!

Here’s a tiny clip of the pups at play

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