Tasty Treats to use in Training

We went to the pub!  It was such a lovely weekend, we decided to take Ounce out for a drink.  I knew there would be lots of people and some dogs around and I wanted to see how she would cope.  Of course everyone thought she was very special.  She enjoys the attention and really ‘sucks up’ to people, but I was pleased that she didn’t really jump up much.

She was also very polite with a dog who came over to say hello. I managed to distract her while one family walked past nearby, but she also ran over to people and struggled to come away – definitely something I shall be working on.

I have started to teach her to ‘wait’ which is the preparation for longer stays.  At the moment this is simply getting her to sit still beside me for a few seconds.  It’s hard work to even do that.

I used tiny lumps of cheese yesterday as her reward – it’s important to keep mixing it up and making sure that she has plenty of motivation for doing something.

This video clip is simply to reinforce what I was saying about the length of the walk.  Someone said it seemed a bit ridiculous to only walk her for 15 minutes when she runs around in the garden for hours each day.  Watch this bit of play with Busy.  They are really running about, but then she stops.  She lies down, to catch her breath.  Busy immediately stops playing with her and leaves her to recover.

If I was out with her and she ran out of steam, what would I do?  Keep walking?  This is the difference between a structured, adult-led walk and a puppy playing, on its own terms.

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