Why Breed Dogs?

I know some people who believe passionately that all dog breeders are irresponsible criminals and that ALL dogs should be obtained from rescue centres.  Trouble is, if everyone really did do that, there would very soon be no dogs left.  Also, if we could only get dogs from rescue centres, we’d be left with a load of miscellaneous mongrels.

I know that many dog breeders are responsible dog owners who care about the health and temperament of their dogs.  These breeders pay attention to who takes on their puppies and do their utmost to support those owners as they begin their journey into dog ownership.  If all dog breeders were like this, then all dogs would be better behaved and fewer would end up in rescue centres.

It starts with what we, the buying public, want from our dogs.  Dogs have been part of our lives for thousands of years and over time our views on what we want from them has changed immeasurably.  We do require dogs to perform a myriad of working roles, from search and rescue, to Medical Detection Dogs.  We also want them to engage in numerous sporting activities with us, from agility, flyball to competitive obedience.

Ultimately though, our demands of our dogs are the same as they’ve always been; we want a companion, a friend, a pet.  Someone to welcome us home and to soothe our troubles.

Supply and demand

We want more and more dogs and we have very specific criteria when looking for a dog.  I have any number of people asking for a ‘classic collie’ or a dog with blue eyes.  People want a dog at a very specific time, or they want one that doesn’t chew, or shed hair.  They want one that is an exact size, or that slobbers, has bulgy eyes, or a curly tail.

The challenge is to produce the dogs people want, but to do that in an ethical and sustainable way.  What makes people become puppy farmers?  Not only the fact that there is good money to be made, but the fact that people demand increasing numbers of particular kinds of puppies.

What is this blog about?

I am going to try and unpick some of these issues and talk about them from my own experience and opinion.  I would like to try and help future puppy owners to choose from a more informed perspective.  I am going to talk about:

  • What makes a good breeder?
  • What is a puppy farmer?
  • What is a hobby breeder?
  • Should you breed from your family dog?
  • What makes a pedigree dog?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of a cross-breed?
  • What is the difference between a Working sheepdog and a Border Collie?
  • What should you look for in a stud dog?

Getting Started

Becoming a breeder is easy – you just need a dog.  Well, of course if you want to do it ‘properly’ then you need a ‘proper’ dog.  One that is healthy and has a great nature.  Then the journey begins…

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