The Rainbow Litter Have Arrived!

So Much Love

How can something so small fill your heart so completely?  Busy started thinking about having her pups on Wednesday 7th June and they finally started arriving at 8pm on Thursday 8th June.  The last one arrived just before midnight.  All safe and sound, pretty straightforward in the end.  It’s my 7th litter, so I should be an old hand, but somehow it is still nerve-racking – a great deal can go wrong.

Just to remind you, I mated her with Goytre Chapter in Blue (Sox). His grandad was Luna’s dad, so he is related to that side of my girls, but not at all to Busy. Sox is blue and white, so according to the collie database, the possible coats were likely to be:

  • Black and white                            69%
  • Red or chocolate and white         23%
  • Blue and white                             3%
  • Lilac and white                             1%
  • Red or chocolate tricolour           1%

First to arrive was this little girl

Beautifully marked and a lovely dark chocolate, just like her mum.  Next came this sweetie-pie, another girl, but black and white. You can see she’s not much bigger than my hand.

Then came the blue and white boy, just like his dad, Sox.  Then an extremely smart black and white boy, a real showman.  And another black and white boy (or quite possibly a tri-colour, bit early to tell).  He’s a bit of a character.

Then finally (but by no means least) out popped this little girl.

She’s a lilac and white, which are pretty rare.  Also beautifully marked.  I have waited many years to have a ‘purple puppy’ because purple is my favourite colour!  So she is already pretty special.  I can’t wait to get to know her better and see how she turns out.  Meanwhile, look at those toes!

So the predictions were pretty good and I got my rainbow litter!

Now the fun begins!  Sorting out the homes – I have plenty already. And thinking of their kennel names – I’m thinking song titles with colours in the titles; suggestions please?

Visitors will be an essential part of their development, as always.  Children welcome from 1st July, close friends and family this week, then adults after that.  The last litter met around 100 different people, with 150 visitors in total – can we beat that figure this time?  I hope so.

I leave you with one more photo – they were tiddlers when they arrived, but not for long…

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