Week 3 – which one would you choose?

One Boy Remaining

Two smart boys
Two smart boys

This weekend the delighted puppy owners have visited their babies for the first time.  They are lovely and were so pleased to meet their puppy.  Decisions were made, taking account of the needs of owners, matching them to the best pup for them.  This time round I have had a number of enquiries for girls, but not so many for boys.  I therefore have one of these boys remaining – which one would you choose?  Of course they are both beautiful – typical border collies! Bred for better temperament and health 🙂

IMG_9686As you can see they have grown and are becoming increasingly soft and fluffy.  Their personalities are starting to shine through (can you spot the cheeky monkey?)

IMG_9659 (1)They have started to try out some real food!  Their teeth are coming through so they had no trouble chomping on this.  They still mainly feed from Aura of course.

IMG_9706They’ve been out in the sunshine, having a picnic!  Not long till they start running around outside.

IMG_9647Children are now welcome to visit – the more the merrier!  I like my puppies to have plenty of exposure to children from an early age, as this definitely makes them more confident and outgoing with children as they grow up.

IMG_9667Hard to resist when they are this cuddly 🙂  Please get in touch to arrange your visit, or to apply to be the proud owner of the remaining boy – you’ll have to be quick!

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