Week 2 – We can see you now!

Eyes open, up on their feet and ready to go!

This week has seen a significant change in the pups.  They are now very definitely either asleep or awake and when they are awake they are already quite lively!


This photo was taken yesterday, can you see how much they’ve grown? IMG_9587Already showing a good taste in music and enjoying cuddles with friends, while Aura looks proudly on.IMG_9602I’ve nicknamed this boy Charlie Brown, as he is the only chocolate boy.  Homes have not yet been confirmed for all the pups, but this will almost certainly be sorted by this time next week.  If you’d like to visit but are worried you might be tempted to have one, please don’t be!  I am very fussy about who goes where – collie pups are not for everyone.  If you are interested, please see my FAQs page for more information?

IMG_9608Otherwise, I do hope you will come for a cuddle?  It’s lovely to catch up with friends while being entertained.  I shall be needing LOTS of children to come now, so please get in touch?

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