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Week 1 – All about the weight gain

How do you go from this…


to this, in one week?  Simple, your mum feeds you, constantly.  These puppies have easily doubled their birth weights, in one week, which is pretty impressive, isn’t it?  Aura has been feeding, and feeding, and feeding.

IMG_9520After the first few days, there started to be a few gaps between feeds – Aura still enjoys coming out for a walk with the others.  When she gets back the pups all stuff their faces again. Then collapse in a ‘drunken’ heap, lying wherever they stopped.

IMG_9524Aura doesn’t mind if they are sprawled over her feet.  Of course she needs plenty to eat, so I’ve been giving her four big meals per day, with added protein, such as tuna or chicken. Yummy – perks of the job!

IMG_9538Feeding is hot work, so she likes to cool off.  She does love her babies though and will snuggle up to them.

IMG_9539Spending time around them, it is amazing how much they do, wriggling about, squeaking and snuffling (they sound like guinea pigs).  They can’t see or hear, but they know where Aura is and they find each other to cuddle up.

IMG_9542We’ve had some visitors already and so they are already getting used to being handled and experiencing different smells and sensations.  I tidy their toenails so they don’t scratch Aura when feeding – they don’t like that much!

IMG_9541Next week their eyes will open…   Do let me know when you would like to book a visit?



New Arrivals!

_DSC7192I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of 5 beautiful puppies from Dentbros Princess Aurora (Aura) x Jupavia Made For You (Zuri), born on Sunday 24th April, 2016.  We have two girls and three boys, all healthy and thriving.  The girls are both chocolate and white, as is one of the boys, with the other two boys being black and white.  All are beautifully marked, with very classic collie markings. _DSC7188Aura is a fantastic mother, as I knew she would be!  She is very calm and relaxed, while also being extremely attentive.  _DSC7190The other girls (Aura’s mum, granny and aunt!) have all popped in to have a look.  And of course we have to spend lots of time gazing..

_DSC7194We have already had visitors!  Very happy to have had my mum here for moral support and friends who know Aura well have popped in too.  Thank you Ben Sibley for these brilliant photos!

_DSC7171We need lots of visitors over the next 8 weeks, so I shall expect to see everyone I know at some point.  Of course the owners will be coming to visit a number  of times, once we know the puppies are all healthy.  I need lots of children to come and play, with adults of all ages.  This makes sure that the puppies grow up to be happy, outgoing, confident dogs.  I do ask that we only have adults who Aura knows for the first week or so, please.

Just let me know when you’d like to come?  Obviously it can get pretty busy at times, so bear with me, but I’m sure there will be cuddles for everyone!  See you soon 🙂