2 Weeks Old Today!

What do 2 weeks old puppies do?

The Sunshine litter are already 2 weeks old. Every time it takes me by surprise, how quickly they change. I tell myself that nothing much happens for the first four weeks, but the reality is that they change every day. The feeding pattern settles down, with bigger gaps between feeds. Ounce goes out for walks, as normal.

Border Collies
Busy, Murmur, Quin, Aura and Ounce

Handling at 2 weeks

During the second week, I am able to start to handle the pups regularly and gradually introduce them to other people. You can see how proud I am of my puppies – they are my life! I love breeding with so much care and attention. Regular handling makes my dogs very people friendly, which makes them very desirable as pets.

Border Collie breeder
proud breeder

My puppies are always born upstairs, but this time they have been in an adjoining bedroom, although I have spent lots of time with them, as has my mum. She was a breeder before me and is very proud to see the beautiful dogs I have produced.

Border Collie puppies
pups in a box

I put them into this box to clean out their whelping box. They love it in here – a nice safe place. They always choose to huddle up if they can.

Border Collie puppies
Happy new owners

Visitors at 2 weeks

One of the owners lives locally to me and they are good friends. So they have the special privilege of coming over weekly to watch the progress of their boy, Angus.

Border Collie puppies
They make you happy

Family also visit and enjoy a sneaky cuddle in the garden. And responsible, dog friendly children are allowed to cuddle too. It all helps.

Border Collie puppies at 2 weeks
And bring you joy

I’ve been so lucky to have five previous puppy owners come to visit already! These people have become good friends and they love to see the next litter arrive. They know each other as well and are excited to hear that these puppies are once again going to existing owners of Dentbros Dogs.

Border Collie puppies

Moving around

They do start to get up onto their feet by the end of the second week. What is absolutely amazing is that the puppies start to move off the vetbed and onto the newspaper to wee. I find this incredible, considering they cannot yet see or hear. They stagger about, often falling over. Clever puppies!

feed me feed me!

Then again, they also still spend a huge amount of time asleep! All that eating is such hard work. Of course they have doubled in weight around the end of the first week and that growth rate continues.

Border Collie puppies at 2 weeks
too much milk!

They start to realise that they have siblings and just start to engage with each other and with Ounce, their mum.

Eyes opening

Towards the end of 2 weeks, they begin to open their eyes. They start with little openings in the corners of the their eyes. Then gradually, over the course of a few days, they all open their eyes fully. I think it takes a while for them to start to use their eyesight to navigate, but they manage so well without vision, it’s hard to tell.

Border Collie puppies

Of course I am interested to see if they will have blue or brown eyes this time. Merle collies often have half blue and half brown, as my previous merles have.

NB: Visits are by appointment only. There is someone here at all times.

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