Welcome to the Dentbros Dogs Advent Calendar 2022!

Up until Christmas I will publish daily one (or two!) of my favourite photos of dogs and puppies I have taken in the past year, as part of my advent calendar. I hope you like them!

14th December 2022

lilac border collie

Bailey – such a sweet puppy! I really loved having my Punk litter this year – they were so unusual! Lilac and white Border Collies are very rare, but I’ve been lucky enough to produce four!

advent calendar

By a massive coincidence, my friend Olivia also has a gorgeous lilac and white Border Collie – Alfie. She and I do agility together, meaning that at one point there were two lilacs in one class (Ounce does sniffing now instead).

We thought it would be fun to get all the lilacs together for a photos and of course Olivia was wearing purple as well!

Donation request

I am doing this dog advent calendar to celebrate my dogs, but also to politely request that you consider donating to Canine Concern. This is the charity that supports me going into school with my dogs and supports hundreds of other volunteers around the country, visiting lots of other places.

The charity is run very simply, by an extremely small team, with limited resources, although it does a huge amount of good. The volunteers are incredibly valued wherever they go; this year more than any other.

Thank you for your support.

Charity Calendars

Alternatively, you could see if I have any Charity Calendars left to buy? See this post for more details.

Charity Calendar

Buy the AYWYP Workbook

The Workbook – A Year With Your Puppy is available to buy. I have written and designed this to be a hands-on, interactive book for you. It will help you survive the first year with your puppy, but also act as a memento of that time and the journey you have been on. You can write notes and stick in pictures of your puppy throughout the year. Lovely!

See the Contents page for more details of the book.


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NB: I am not a dog trainer, or a dog behaviourist, just a dog breeder and owner. I can only offer my opinion, based on my experience.

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