Week 7: Introducing


So much to do, so little time. There can’t be many jobs that are so intense, for such a short period, then finish. Of course I could have another dog and another litter, but I choose to breed with my whole heart, which takes time and commitment.


More independent

What have the puppies been up to in the past week? They are becoming more independent, coping with the ever increasing world in which they live. Each puppy is happy to potter about on their own. The other day Hector wouldn’t settle in the crates/bed area, as he had obviously already had a sleep, thank you. I put him back outside for a bit – he was absolutely fine.

Just doing their own thing

Four of these puppies will be living on their own with their families, as the only dog. That’s absolutely great for them, as they will have their owners’ undivided attention! It should mean that they are extremely well-trained, because it is much easier focusing on one dog than seven (or twelve, as I currently have!)


Kennel Club Registration

We are now all officially registered with the Kennel Club. This matters to me, because I want my dogs to be acknowledged as having been bred deliberately and with care and attention. Dentbros Dogs are bred for better temperament and health and I am an Assured Breeder. I believe that the KC Assured Breeder Scheme will help us all to produce better dogs, which are ‘fit for purpose’. In other words, able to live the lives we give them.

Eating separately – or together

Who we are

As you know, this is the Sweetie Litter. The official names of this litter are therefore, in age order, with pet names in brackets:

  • Dentbros Sherbet Pip** (Hector)
  • Dentbros Dolly Mixture** (Bronte)
  • Dentbros Mint Humbug** (Dash)
  • Dentbros Jelly Bean** (JB)
  • Dentbros Liquorice Comfit** (Cassie)
  • Dentbros Barley Sugar** (Mowgli)
  • Dentbros Lemon Bon Bon** (Bonnie)

Yummy! I am completely thrilled with how this litter have been so far and am excited to hear about their adventures in the future. Many of my puppies from other litters have gone on to achieve great things!


Last week

Friends together

Not much longer now till they go… I won’t be sad, but I think Ounce might be – she has been so sweet with them.

Busy is still feeding them…

Last chance to see


I am having a Norwex in-house event and sale on Thursday 11th July, so if you’d like to come along, get in touch? NB: only one or two spaces left. And remember, if you want to make sure you don’t miss a pupdate, please follow the website? CONTACT ME for more information?

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