Pupdate week 5 – A-Z litter revisited

Week 5: No words needed!

I thought it would be nice to revisit some of my pupdates – as many people who follow this website won’t have seen these before.  The litter pupdates are taking a bit of a back seat now, as I try to write more and more about training and behaviour issues.  But it is still important to see the story of how puppies grow and develop, which is what I try to do with the pupdates.

week 5These dogs are now 2 years old: Aura’s litter.  Here’s what I had to say about them:

Maximum cuteness

They are so fluffy and so cuddly now, but also, very bitey and scratchy!  Starting to cause mayhem wherever they go as well, testing out their needle sharp teeth. week 5Of course it doesn’t put everyone off.  Those who know puppies know that they are still fun to play with, but that they still have quite a bit of growing and growing up to do.IMG_9893We really love having visitors, particularly small ones.  The puppies are also given the chance to talk to ‘men with beards’ (aka my sons) as per the Kennel Club socialisation programme. 😉


They are really out exploring the garden now and we are starting to see lots of play fighting, sometimes with fierce growling and barking.


They are enjoying their toys, too, although really, sticks, leaves and old yoghurt pots also make great toys.IMG_9857

In the end though, they are just busy growing and being really, really cute!  If you want to see their full story, go to the litter 6 – The A-Z Litter blog.

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