bluebells dogs

My Bluebell girls!

Tiptoe through the bluebells..

Just a quick update on Ounce, as I haven’t talked about her much for the last few weeks (and an excuse to show off the bluebells).  She is maturing into such a lovely dog; I am really thrilled with her.  She is a gentle girl, with a placid nature, although being a puppy she is still very playful!  One of the (many) things I love about her is her curiosity; she follows me round, interested in whatever I am up to and keen to offer a helping hand if possible ;-D

bluebells dogs
Lovely Luna in a purple haze

Ounce is generally pretty obedient these days.  She knows what the ‘rules’ are when we are out and will always come when called.  She knows not to rush up to people or dogs when we are out, although she does like to say hello to anyone who is interested.  It is fascinating to see that she will talk to people and dogs who engage with her, but generally she remains aloof, just like the rest of my gang.

bluebells dogs

My little imp

Be polite, please?

Like the others, Ounce does not like another dog rushing into her space.  And like the rest of her family, she will quite politely say go away; showing her teeth, giving a slight growl and ultimately snapping her teeth.  I don’t see this as a problem – it never develops into anything further and is rarely needed.

bluebells dogs
Princess Aurora

I walk all five of my dogs together, off lead, under control.  When a jogger or a cyclist come past, we move out of their way and wait.  I use the command ‘mind’ to do this.  Often the dogs will move before I have realised that anyone is coming.  For more information about Ounce and how I have trained her, have a look at the rest of Ounce’s Adventures?

bluebells dogs
The girls

Photo time!

Anyway, this post is really just an excuse to show you the photos I have taken of the girls in the bluebells.  There is something irresistible about these little flowers; they form such a perfect ‘haze’ behind the subject.  It really is magical.  Of course my photography is far less professional than my writing, but I enjoy the challenge of trying!  Thanks to Kate Everall Photography I am slowly improving, but if you want a professional, please contact Kate?

bluebells girls
The majestic Sunshine

Vote please?

I’d love you to tell me which of the pics you think should be ‘Miss May’ on the 2019 calendar.  Last year Aura got the vote, but she was the only one I had in the daffodils, so Luna and Busy won.  Who gets it this time round?

bluebells dogs
My lilac puppy


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