How Much Is That Doggy In The Advert?

What should a dog cost?

This is the question I am wrangling with today; what is the value of a dog?  Fortunately, the days of a dog being ‘free to a good home’ are gone, on the whole; we value our dogs too much to let them go lightly.  In fact if you ever see an advert for a dog that is free, please advise that person that the dog may be scooped up and used as bait for dog fighting, sadly.

Generally though, you should expect to pay for a dog.  It would be lovely to think that the more you pay, the more valuable the dog, but sadly that is definitely NOT the case.  If you pay a vast sum of money for a dog, you are probably being conned. So what should you pay?

Pedigree puppies

Here is an example of some prices for pedigree puppies:

  • Border Collie – £850
  • Great Dane – £1100
  • German Shepherd – £950
  • Cavalier King Charles – £1200
  • Cocker Spaniel – £900
  • Labrador – £850
  • Pug – £1250
  • French Bulldog – £2000
  • Bulldog – £2250

This perfectly demonstrates that the ‘breeds of the moment’ cost more than breeds that have been popular for a long time.  Those which have been around a while will be bred by responsible breeders, whereas the popular breeds may well be imported or bred by those doing it for commercial reasons.

Crossbreed puppies

  • Labradoodle – £600
  • Cockapoo – £400
  • French Bulldog x pug – £650
  • Staffie cross – £400
  • Chugs – £750
  • etc

I wish I hadn’t looked at this – it’s so depressing!  Monsters being created.  If you mix a toy breed with a terrier, what do you get?  Something that sits quietly on your lap, or something that runs off after rabbits?  If it’s cute and fluffy and looks a bit like a wolf then guess what? It might grow up to be like a wolf!

Why do pedigree dogs cost more?

I know I go on about it all the time, but the reason is simple: pedigree dogs are bred on purpose to be healthy, happy, perfect examples of their breed.  Not just “I’ve got two dogs, wonder what will happen if I let them mate?”  Pedigree breeders have to find a suitable, health tested sire for their litter.  They pay to have their dog health tested.  They make sure that they have suitable whelping facilities. They feed their bitch expensive food to supplement her diet.  They health test the puppies.  They make sure they are microchipped. They spend time socialising their puppies and helping them to grow into confident dogs.  They provide a puppy pack, with guidance and support to the new owners…  And above all, you know EXACTLY what you are getting!

Rescue puppies/dogs

I looked on the Battersea Dogs Home site and it says:

Our rehoming fee is £135 for dogs (over six months) or £165 for puppies (under six months). The cost includes a full veterinary and behavioural assessment, microchipping, initial vaccinations, a collar, identification tag and lead.

Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? It might be cheaper, but it’s not necessarily easier.  You will definitely be vetted, with a home visit.  You might not qualify, if you have other dogs, or young children, or you work full time, or you have a cat, or your garden is not secure…

You will definitely be doing a good thing, having a rescue dog, but you may get more than you bargained for!  I would definitely say, don’t get a rescue dog because it is cheaper!

Top tips regarding the price of dogs

  1. Please don’t have a breed or type of dog just because everyone seems to have one?  Try and decide on a particular dog on its own merit?
  2. Please don’t be determined to get a certain ‘look’ or colour?  An unusual colour might mean the dog is not what you think it is!
  3. Please don’t think that the more expensive a dog is, the more valuable it is?  It might just be that people are jumping on the (French Bulldog) bandwagon and realising they can charge more because everyone wants one.
  4. Please try and take account of the way a dog has been raised and the care that has been lavished on it?  That is the true value of a dog.

Ask for help?

Yet another area with different issues!  Fortunately there is plenty of help available.  If you are buying a dog, start by looking at the What Dog? page.  Or if you want to breed, read this Dog Breeding Blog and then please CONTACT ME to discuss this, as I may be able to mentor you?


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