How do you watch TV?

Snuggling up with your dogs on the sofa?  Or not!

This is how we watch TV.  Every evening, we sit down to watch something and the dogs decide it’s time to play.  You can see that Aura is very engaged with what Ounce is up to.  Busy also wants to know what’s going on, but will usually go off and play with her own toy.  Luna usually comes and grabs the toy then runs off with it, lol.  Sunny will take part, but only on her terms.  She won’t tug with another dog, only with me.  She gets really cross and starts shouting if someone (Luna) runs off with something she is playing with.

Anyway, I thought it was a good demonstration of how Border Collies are not the most ‘laid back’ breed!  I am sure that many dogs do love to play in the house with their owners, but perhaps only occasionally, or only for a few minutes?  Collies just keep going… and going… and going…

You might think that they are lacking in exercise and that another walk would be better for them.  (It certainly would be better than Ounce pinging on and off the sofa, which we obviously try to limit!)  You’d be right, I could of course walk them for a few more hours each day – they’d love it!  But then I would have dogs that are even fitter and likely to be even more demanding!  It is noticeable at the moment that Ounce plays during the day far more than the older dogs; that’s just a puppy thing.  More than just exercise though, collies need stimulation – something to think about.

My dogs have plenty of space, both inside and out.  They have each other, so can engage in dog play whenever they like.  They have many, many toys, which they wreck constantly.  And they have me, watching over them and engaging with them, every day.

It’s a dog’s life, fortunately.


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