When should you re-home your dog?

Question 19: Why would you give up your dog?

We love our dogs, don’t we?  They are part of the family and we will do anything to give them the best life possible.  Just like we do for our children.  Hell, let’s face it, our dogs ARE our children.  Our fur babies.  So why on earth would we give them up?

I’ve written previously about choosing between a rescue or breeder when getting a dog, but that is not the whole story.  The more time I spend thinking about dogs and talking to people about their experiences, the more I realise that there are many scenarios for getting a dog.  Who can judge which is the right one for you?  Only you can do that.

Why would a dog need a new home?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • Death of the owner.  Most people who have dogs want to continue owning a dog for their whole life and that’s fine, but sometimes that means the dog lasts longer than the owner.
  • Moving into accommodation that does not allow dogs.  Again, this could be due to old age or ill health in the owner, but it could also be that a rental property that allows dogs cannot be found.  I do have advice for that, having had to rent a house with three dogs, a cat and a snake!
  • Change of personal circumstances.  Often when a couple splits up, neither person is able or willing to take the dog with them.  They might be moving in with someone who cannot have their dog, due to allergy or the suitability of accommodation.
  • Having a baby.  It is really common for couples to have a dog, then decide to start a family.  The dog usually adapts fine to the baby, although not in all cases.  However, children bring their own challenges and sometimes this means there is no longer any room, or more likely time, for a dog.  A dog might then become jealous, or snappy.

Reasons involving the dog:

  • Bringing in a second (or subsequent) dog.   I have written about how many dogs you should have, but even though it is lovely to have more than one dog, they may simply not get on.  You are then faced with a life of managing the situation, or you can sort it out and move on.
  • Dog breed/type is not suitable for the life and environment provided.  Ideally, this problem should be sorted out before getting a dog, but when you don’t have a dog, it is sometimes really hard to imagine what life will be like with that dog.  (My What Dog? service can help you with this process)

When we have children, all we want is for them to be happy.  We give them everything we have to achieve this, providing them with the best possible home and loving them unconditionally.  Despite this, they grow up and leave home, never to return.  They find a partner, have children and live their own lives.  That is how it should be.

When we have dogs, we also want them to be happy.  We work hard to provide a great home for them and to love them unconditionally.  Despite this, they might need something we cannot provide.  Or they might be happier living somewhere else.

Do you see?  Just because we love someone, doesn’t make us the best person for them.  It might be heart-breaking for us, but not for them.

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