Out with the big dogs – can she behave?

Can the puppy be good?

Bless her, she’s almost fully grown now, so I decided last week that she may as well walk with the others.  I only walk my girls for an hour a day; off lead the whole time, apart from 5 minutes here and there.  They have a variety of walks and so receive plenty of stimulation.  I usually do a bit of training with them while we walk. This might be a ‘wait’ or a ‘down’ or we just work on recall.

Ounce loves being out with the pack and follows Busy (her mum) around the whole time.  It’s great seeing the two of them running about so happily, Busy and her shadow. However, as you can see in this photo, while the girls are usually pretty tightly together, Ounce is perfectly able to go off and explore something on her own.  We’re in Rushmere Country Park by the way.

I am delighted to report that she is also able to come back to me, regardless of what the others are doing.  I was also extremely pleased this morning when she came round a corner to find the others waiting for a runner to go past.  I said ‘wait’ and she stopped immediately, standing stock still.  Fantastic!

This is an interesting picture of the ‘pack order’.  They are waiting for the ball to be thrown.  This is them in order of ‘most interested in the ball’.  Lol.  In fact, this morning they did actually pick it up in that order – Aura, Sunny, Busy and Ounce.  Luna never, ever picks up the ball.  She is in charge of making sure we are all safe. Usually, a family of collies will stay in order of seniority; Sunny, Luna, Aura, Busy and Ounce.  But when there is a ball involved, all bets are off!

I thought I would try and take a picture of them in the frost, under a Christmas tree.  It was the end of the walk, so Ounce was rather tired, bless her.  Do you think this picture would be OK for December’s Dentbros Calendar next year?  Needs a bit more work, I think 🙂

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