First Agility Steps

When should you start agility training?

This is Ounce’s second agility ‘lesson’.  Five minutes playing, then a break, then five minutes more.  Last time she just learned about tunnels, so now she knows that they are super fun!  Please try not to pay too much attention to my delayed reactions.

Today she also had a go at walking over some poles, a bicycle tyre and a plastic bag, in order to get her to think about placing her feet and coping with obstacles.  She looked like a prancing pony lol.  Ounce also did some ‘shaping’ around a wing.  This involved her looking at the wing and receiving a reward.  Not too taxing.

Why do Agility with your dogs?

Because it is fun!  Dogs absolutely love doing agility, on the whole.  If they are collies they do anyway.  Some dogs are not motivated by it, but it suits collies perfectly.  Running about, doing stuff with you and then you throw the ball – fantastic!

Officially, dogs can compete in agility when they are 18 months old.  Which means by that age they need to know how to do it.  They are generally not meant to start jumping around at around 1 year of age, although no-one has told Ounce that.  She loves to fly on and off the sofa and treats the footstool as a trampette.

Before they are a year old, there is still a great deal they can learn and that is what we have been starting.  Maybe in a few years’ time, she will be as good as her cousin Aura…

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