Six Months Old – and growing fast!

Haven’t they grown!  This is what a six-month old Border Collie should look like 🙂  Some really lovely comments as well:

This is boring, let’s go! Charlie at 6 months

“Charlie is awesome, very much the teenager. Currently with a dog sitter until next week, so crossing my fingers that he won’t have acquired any new bad habits (beyond chewing absolutely everything). He’s a good boy :)”

Ebbie – golden girl

“Ebbie is doing very well, she is full of beans and is loving her longer walks now she is six months. She is adored and given lots of love and cuddles on an hourly basis. She has us all in fits of laughter and is a real character. She adores my niece and all children adults and dogs for that matter.”

Still a bit of growing to do Ebbie

“Flynn has settled in extremely well.  He is good friends with our two cats, our existing dog, and the horses – one horse in particular is besotted with Flynn and we use Flynn to keep him calm at events – see pic.   Our only issue with Flynn is he is eating our sofa……it looks like something from the local tip now!   John takes Flynn to weekly dog training sessions, and John said after the last class “it’s almost embarrassing having a collie because he’s so clever and obedient”.   Recall is good, but we took advice from the puppy class to reserve tuggy toy for times when it looks likes recall might fail, to entice him back.  Works well.   He’s not food motivated at all.

“Flynn’s a really handsome and affectionate boy, we adore him, as do the extended family and a lot of our friends!   His coat is so gloriously thick and glossy with an enormous basil brush tail.”

Keep calm and trot on – Flynn at 6 months
Thornton – lovely boy

Thornton called in to see us on Saturday – such a beautiful boy and very polite!  He is obviously so loved and has an amazing life, out and about all day every day, running with the tractor or helping out in the garden with some digging 😉

I have been extremely lucky to have such amazing homes for this litter.  (Beck is currently away with her family)

Thornton – a classic collie




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