Week 6 – Playtime!

Here comes the sun, and here come the puppies!

IMG_0056At six weeks of age, the pups are robust, energetic and playful.  They are now spending lots of time in the garden, running about.IMG_9986Their owners have been visiting again and getting to know their puppies..IMG_0002 IMG_0020It’s been great to see those relationships forming, that’s what makes it so special for me. IMG_0026We have had lots of other visitors, so they have received plenty of cuddles.   I do love having children round to play.

IMG_0048Although sometimes they struggle to take the puppy off their parents!

IMG_0050We tried to take a ‘family photo’ at the weekend – even with four of us it was rather a challenge!IMG_0046They do really love a cuddle though.IMG_0052And then they go back to sleep once again and all is quiet, for a little while…IMG_9998I would like to say a big thank you to all the friends and family who have visited and helped to make these puppies the confident, outgoing, people friendly dogs they will become.  We are now pretty booked up for the remaining two weeks.

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