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What’s your name?

The pups have been settling into their new homes and the new owners have been having lots of fun with their babies!  But there are challenges too – particularly if you haven’t had a dog before, or haven’t had a puppy before.  They are just like babies 🙂

I remember my mum telling me that there are only two words a puppy needs to know: its name and ‘no’.  We’ve come on a bit since then and do try to be more positive with our training, but these are still two important words.

How often should you use the puppy’s name?

13524525_10157081697210635_1337877468031326552_nIf you spend all day long saying Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, then it shouldn’t be a surprise if Charlie switches off, should it?  But if you say ‘Ebbie come’ and wait a moment, she’ll probably come, won’t she?  Well especially if you give lovely cuddles and have a bit of sausage!

Puppies, just like children, need repetition, but they also need stimulation.  If they are just left to their own devices, they will make mischief 😉  So the important thing at this early stage is to use the puppy’s name, but with interest and excitement, and not ALL the time.

I'm so good, really
I’m so good, really

It’s a slow process, but hopefully, with patience and perseverance, your puppy will soon know their name and even come when you call!